Chart the Course 2.2.19

GW as Surveyor
George Washington as Surveyor in Virginia

Study the Past.
Observe the Present.
Chart the Future.

Test everything. Get a firm grasp on what’s good.
See 1 Thessalonians 5:21

I give several links to news stories in our nation and around the world. Please use this blog as a prompt to pray and fast for our nation. See Mark 9:29 KJV

LinkFind a news story you like, link out. Then link back and find another one .

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PastLearn Our Country’s Founders
GUNNING BEDFORD, Jr. (1747-1812)
• 1747+ Born and reared in Philadelphia. He was the fifth of seven children. He descended from a family that originally settled in Jamestown, VA.

Bedford Jr
Gunning Bedford, Jr

• He referred to himself as Gunning Bedford, Jr. to distinguish himself from his cousin, Delaware Statesman and soldier, Col. Gunning Bedford
• Married Jane B. Parker, who was the daughter of James Parker. James Parker was a printer who learned his trade from Benjamin Franklin. The Bedfords had at least one daughter.
• 1771 Graduated with honors from College of New Jeresey, later named Princeton University. His roommate was James Madison. They studied under the influence of John Witherspoon, theologian and legal scholar. Working with John Read in Philadelphia, he was admitted to the bar and set up practice. He moved to Dover, then to Wilmington.
• He appears to have served in the Continental Army, possibly as an aide to George Washington
• 1783-1786 In the Continental Congress
• 1784-1789 Attorney General of Delaware
• 1785 Delegate to the Anapolis Convention, but did not attend
Revolutionary War Unit 4• 1787 Delegate from Delaware to the Constitutional Convention. Considered a more active member of the Convention, he missed few sessions. Being a citizen of a small state, he was an advocate for small states. He threatened that if small states were to have small influence in the government, they would be forced to be involved with foreign entities. He was a member of the committee that drafted the Great Compromise, breaking the federal legislative body into a Senate and a House of Representatives. He later attended the Convention to ratify the US Constitution. Georgia delegate William Pierce described Bedford as a “bold” speaker, with “a very commanding and striking manner.” Pierce also said Bedford was “warm and impetuous in his temper and precipitate in his judgement”. Through his and others’ efforts, Deleware became the first state to apporve the Constitution.
• 1787 Signed the US Constitution
• 1789-1812 Appointed by George Washington to the First Federal District Court in Delaware
• 1789 He was a Federalist Presidential elector
• 1793 He was a Federalist Presidential elector
• 1812 Died in Wilmington, Delaware at age 65, he was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetary in Wilmington, Delaware. When that cemetery was abandoned, his body was later transferred to the Masonic Home Cemetery at Christiana, Delaware. In 2013, his body was relocated to Chesapeake Burial Vault.

ConstitutionOn the left in this picture is the US Constitution as written by our founders with amendments ratified by the States. On the right side is the 3,000 page Constitution as “amended” by the Supreme Court, even though it was not ratified by the States or approved of by We the People.

Divider 01School▼th* The article below prompted something in me. First a memory. I was the only one of my friends that thought that Trump would win the Presidency. I knew it. I just knew it. Now my second impression. I think Trump’s recent strategic retreat on the wall is a trap he set for the Democrats. It’s a strategic withdrawal that will bring him ultimate victory. Let’s give it a few days and see if I am right.
2018, Jun 11. When it comes to the international chess game, Trump is a master. The Hill | Opinion Contributor article.

▼th* I normally wouldn’t include this as a part of my newsletter because today’s prophecy can only be proven by it becoming true. But you know what? Let’s take a listen to this prophecy from 2014. It seems relevant. It’s a little over ten minutes long.
2018, Jun 14. The story of Donald and the Giant: Kim Clement prophecy 2014. Daily Trite video (11:28).

Judge Amy Coney Barrett
Judge Amy Coney Barrett

▼th* Judge Barrett is considered a top contender for replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
2019, Jul 3. Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a potential Supreme Court nominee, has defended overturning precedents. Los Angeles Times article by David Savage.

▼th* Apparently our CPAPs are sometimes connected to the internet to let insurers know what kind of health we are in.
2018, Nov 21. You snooze, you lose: Insurers make the old adage literally true. ARS Technica article by Marshall Allen.

• 2019, Dec 10. Gollum star Andy Serkis releases hilarious Brexit deal parody of Theresa May Mirror Online. Mirror Online video (2:20).

• 2018, Dec 26. Americans’ faith in faith is failing. Hot Air article by Andrew Malcolm.


RGB Where
Where is Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg? • • • She’s not been seen in public for 57 days.

• 2019, Jan 3. Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person. Christian Headlines article by Veronica Netfinger.

• 2019, Jan 13 & Jan 30. GUEST SUBMISSION-The Constitution is the Solution. The Iowa Standard – Part OnePart Two.

• 2019, Jan 15. Is It Too Late For America? Ask Dr. Brown video (5:08).

▼th* It is really ironic to me that our mainstream media uses their media to thought control us. Then the MSM also complains when We the People don’t like it and subsciptions plumet. Here we are. Let’s pray for the next step in what will happen to the Constitiutionally protected media business. How about we just get the facts and you let us do the thinking?
Quote Candace Owens 2019, Jan 16. Hedge fund’s ambition to dominate newspaper industry raises fear of a local news ‘death spiral’. USA Today article by Gus Garcia-Roberts, Nick Penzenstadler, Mike Snider and Kevin McCoy.

• 2019, Jan 19. Australian Schools Brought Back Greek and Latin – and Are Seeing Amazing Results! Intellectual Takeout article by Annie Holmquist.

• 2019, Jan 19. Who really started this Indigenous People taunt Cov Cath boys? John Dencan video (9:15).

▼th* Joe Loconte calls the Bible our Third Founding Document.
2019, Jan 21. Rediscovering America’s Third Founding Document: Joe Loconte. Breakpoint video (41:15) and short article.

Hat Crime• 2019, Jan 21. Iranian Air Force Ready to ‘Eliminate Israel,’ Commander Says, as Tensions Rise Over Syria Airstrikes. Newsweek article by Callum Paton.

• 2019, Jan 22. Planned Parenthood reports killing 332,757 babies last year, most since 2011. The Christian Post article by Leonardo Blair.

▼th* The ACLU has humorously been referred to as the Anti-Christian Legal Union, but you just don’t know when they’re going to do something useful. This was one of these times.
2019, Jan 22. It’s Perfectly Constitutional to Talk About Jury Nullification. ACLU article by Naomi Gilens.

Gun Control 0130▼th* Black Pilled suggests that the reason the MAGA-hat boy from Covington Catholic was smiling was that he was no longer intimidated, like society seems to demand of him.
2019, Jan 22. Who’s Smiling Now? Black Pilled video (3:33).

• 2019, Jan 23. Americans aren’t having enough babies to repopulate: CDC. ABC News article.

• 2019, Jan 24. China, Russia Building Super-EMP Bombs for ‘Blackout Warfare’. Free Beacon article by Bill Gertz.

• 2019, Jan 24. “We Get It, You Really Hate Donald Trump” Ted Cruz ROASTS Democrats over Shutdown. Amicus Humani Generis video (6:31).

• 2019, Jan 24. US Oil Production Will Eclipse Russia and Saudi Arabia Combined by 2025, Report Says. The Epoch Times article by ivan Pentchoukov.

Founding Document• 2019, Jan 24. You Can’t Give a Lethal Injection to Murderers in New York, But You Can Give One to an Unborn Baby. Life News article by Steven Ertelt.

• 2019, Jan 25. In apparent shot at Trump, Pope says ‘builders of walls’ sow fear and divide. CNN article by Rosa Flores.

• 2019, Jan 25. Word for Word: President Trump announces deal to end government shutdown (C-SPAN). C-Span video (3:14).

• 2019, Jan 25. Mueller indicts Roger Stone, says he was coordinating with Trump officials about WikiLeaks’ stolen emails. CNN Politics article with video (2:01).

• 2019, Jan 25. Longtime Trump Adviser Roger Stone Indicted in Mueller Investigation. Slate article by Dahlia Lithwick and Molly Olmstead.

First Responders• 2019, Jan 25. Trump Turns the Shutdown Tables on the Democrats as Some of his Fans Balk. Styxhexenhammer666 video (6:46).

• 2019, Jan 25. Texas’ top elections officer: 95,000 non-citizens found on state’s voter rolls. Iowa City Press-Citizen article by John C. Moritz.

• 2019, Jan 27. Why “Learn to Code” Meme ENRAGES the Media. Black Pigion Speaks video (8:30).

▼th* Here’s an assessment of the status of the war between the deep state and Donald Trump.
2019, Jan 27. Major Events Coming to America!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! AMTV video (12:28).

Fetus• 2019, Jan 27. Mexican Cartels Paid Off Mexican President with $100 Million – Former Democrat Claims Democrat Party Being Paid Millions by Cartels As Well! The Gateway Pundit article by Joe Hoft.

• 2019, Jan 27. SORRY BERNIE! Even The NY Times Is Trashing Socialism After Venezuela Collapse. I Love My Freedom article by Chris Donaldson.

• 2019, Jan 27. Why The Democrats Cheered Trump’s Defeat, But Should Be More Panicked Than Ever. Townhall article | Opinion by Kevin McCullough.

• 2019, Jan 27. Time to get rid of sheriffs in California. San Francisco article by Joe Mathews.

• 2019, Jan 28. Trump Continues to Prepare the Battlefield (for the Mueller accusations). Declassified video (8:51).

Republic Irrelevant
I believe our country’s founders discovered principles that are universal, eternal, and as relevant as tomorrows news feed.

• 2019, Jan 28. Trump Celebrates Efforts to Put God and Bible Back in Schools. CBN News article by Crystal Woodall.

• 2019, Jan 28. A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one. Christians United for Israel article by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman.

• 2019, Jan 28. Catholic leaders call for Gov. Cuomo to be excommunicated for ‘flagrant celebration of pro-abortion bill’. Fox News article by Caleb Parke.

• 2019, Jan 28. NATELSON: Ted Cruz Has A Proposal For Term Limits, But Don’t Expect It To Go Far. Daily Caller article by Robert Natelson.

• 2019, Jan 28. KASSAM: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For Journalists Who Have Lost Their Jobs — I’m Bloody Thrilled. The Daily Caller article by Raheem Kassam.

• 2019, Jan 28. Trump campaign says president bolstered by shutdown. Politico article by Alex Isenstadt.

Latin & Greek• 2019, Jan 28. Tom Fitton: ‘Not One Piece of Evidence’ of Trump/Russia Collusion in Roger Stone Indictment. Judicial Watch article and video (16:30).

• 2019, Jan 28. Trump accepts Pelosi’s invitation to deliver State of the Union on Feb. 5. NBC News article by Jane C. Timm.

• 2019, Jan 29. Dems to strike ‘so help me God’ from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows. Fox News article by Gregg Re.

• 2019, Jan 29. Acquittal of Christian Woman, Asia Bibi, Upheld in Pakistan. Facts and Friends article by Aaron Earls.

• 2019, Jan 29. Conservatives Unite Against HR-1, Bill Tilts All Elections in Liberal’s Favor. Steadfast and Loyal article by Steven Ahle.

Foreign Influence• 2019, Jan 29. Acting AG Matt Whitaker Announces Mueller Probe Almost Complete. Steadfast and Loyal article by Steven Ahle.

• 2019, Jan 29. Pardoned ranchers who inspired Oregon occupation win back grazing permits. The Washington Times article by Valerie Richardson.

• 2019, Jan 29. Colorado Senate passes bill to essentially eliminate Electoral College. Fox News KDVR article.

• 2019, Jan 29. Parents Rally at [California] State Capitol Against Morally Corrupting Curriculum. California Family Council article by Greg Burt.

• 2019, Jan 29. President Trump Supports New Bill Allowing Public School Students To Take Bible Studies As Elective. Rare article by Silke Jasso.

COS Debt• 2019, Jan 30. VA Governor Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives. The Free Beacon article by Andrew Kugle.

• 2019, Jan 30. NOAA Claps Back At Trump And His Climate Change Doubts. Huffington Post article by Darla Baranauckas.

• 2019, Jan 30. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Supports Bill to Ban Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins. Life News article by Macaiah Bilger.

• 2019, Jan 30. Proposed constitutional amendment would outlaw abortions in Kansas. Kate article by Pilar Pedraza, with video (2:44).

• 2019, Jan 31. Jefferson County Declares State of Emergency Due to Blizzard Conditions. NewsJunky article.


Video from TerryPRAY WITH ME
Let’s get laser-focused on restoring our country. I’ve collected news stories from this week. Thumb through the stories. As the Holy Spirit speaks to YOU, PRAY !! Prayer changes things.

Did you find dead or misdirected links? Did I miss important stories? Just want to comment? Contact Me.

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•th* = Terry Haines’ opinion or comments.


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