Terry Haines

Hello cyber world!

My name is Terry Haines. I’m a retired man from Michigan. My jobs over the years were office, security, and education related. My last job before retiring was in the public school system working as a paraprofessional with special needs children.

Now I spend most of my time growing a long white beard and…let’s see. I’ve got to be doing something…Ask my wife since 1974, Debby. At the moment I’m putting together a web site.

Deb and I were early adopters at home schooling our children. We home schooled before it was cool. It is cool now, isn’t it? Our children knew nothing but home schooling all the way from kindergarten through high school. At one point, we were prosecuted for home schooling by the local school board. In fact, we were – unsuccessfully – prosecuted twice.

As it happened much later, my wife went to the retirement party of the man who prosecuted us. Both my wife and I have worked in the public school system. Things change. My wife and I had three children. They are now grown, and we currently have ten grandchildren. I probably won’t be talking about my family much for privacy reasons. They can write their own blog for that.

You will find some of my strongest interests in the pages on this web site. I am a Christian. See My Faith Journey page for my story on that.

I am a HUGE supporter of the Convention of States movement. I have a page for describing what this is and why it’s so important to me.

I have written an e-book by the title of How to Build a Universe in Six Days . Despite the outrageous title, the book is not a joke. I don’t expect you’ll actually build your own universe. But what I can do for you is to show you the outline of God’s “project report” he gave us after creating the universe. Surprisingly, it has a number of everyday applications.

God Showed Us by Example How to be Creative
How to Build a Universe in Six Days

I found four stages to God’s work in the book of Genesis. I found 24 sub-stages which I am calling “building blocks.” The outline for the book, plus a bit of explanation, is described in The Creator’s Template page. In the Biblical creation record God demonstrates how to run a project and gives us instruction in how to be creative.

My blogs that can be accessed in the Blog Titles page, or you can choose to look below on the left side Pages list to the Categories drop down menu, in the Archives section to look for things by the month they were written, or you could try your luck with a Search word.

So how about your privacy concerns. I am a private person. When I want down time I want down time. I will give you the privacy I wish the internet and the government would give me, but don’t. I will treat you as I want to be treated. Your privacy will be respected.

You can connect with me through the Contact Us page. I appreciate feedback, positive and negative. Please let me know of any broken links. God bless. May we be stronger together than we would be separately.


Terry Haines