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Balancing Revival and Reformation • Christians need to fully realize that we need personal revival as well as society’s reformation. March 2018. 464 Words.

Becoming Effective and Fruitful • We can become more effective. 1 Peter shows us how. March 2018. 172 words.

Convention of States. What’s the Latest in Michigan? • Update. March 2018. 387 words.

Convention of States – Why Am I Such a Fan? • Why there’s a burning in my soul on this one. February 2018. 1,405 words.

Go Figure. How to Decide. • Consider these when you have a decision to make. April 2018. 331 words.

My Facebook Hack • Also, I gave an alternative for Facebook and Twitter. April 2018. (Video) 5 Minutes.

How Likely is a “Runaway” Convention of States? Some fear a Convention of States will careen out of control. They shouldn’t. February 2018. 1,203 words.

Revelation’s Secret Weapon • During the end times the AntiChrist will still not have the victory over Christian believers. February 2018. 319words.

Surviving, then Thriving • There are four small yet wise creatures that the Bible tells us about. We are to learn from this. March 2018. 670 words.

Taking Another Look at Prophecy • A surprising amount of the Bible is predictive. March 2018. 1,018 words.

Terry’s TidbitsNews and my views. 20 October 2018. 2449 Words.

Thomas Jefferson on State vs. Federal Power • How the Founding Fathers viewed State vs. Federal power is shocking to our modern thinking. February 2018. 319 words.