Friends & Links

Friends & Links give great connections to persons, organizations, and ideas.

I recommend these links, but of course be reasonable. I couldn’t possibly judge all things from all of these sources to be always good for all time, so…

Test all things, hold fast the good. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:21 LITV

ACLJ. American Center for Law and Justice is a legal organization promoting religious freedom.

AMAC (the Association of Mature American Citizens) is a good alternative to ultra-liberal AARP.

ANKI is free flashcard software.

ANSWERS IN GENESIS is a Biblical ministry that teaches the science behind the Genesis creation record. It addresses other supposed science vs. religion conflicts.

ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE. Their Mission: To stop the defamation of the Jewish people.

BIG BERKEY WATER FILTERS. I recommend that every family have gravity fed water filters in case of long term loss of electricity or a local water emergency. Frankly, I want pure water for all of my drinking or cooking water needs , including water purified from chlorination. The cost for the system is high at first, but in the long run, this is the cheapest water filtration system I’ve found. It also has the smallest maintenance requirements.

BULLET JOURNAL is one good way to organize your life.

JONATHAN CAHN is a Messianic Jew who is an author, preacher, and public speaker. He was first well-known for his book The Harbinger, which pointed out parallels between the destruction of Israel and the path that the US used to be taking. Jonathan is founder of Hope of the World ministries.

CALVIN AND HOBBES. Let’s have a little fun. Calvin and Hobbes is a great comic strip. Calvin is a troubled young man, but at least he has his toy tiger Hobbs as his all too real friend.

CBN. The Christian Broadcasting Network, also known as The 700 Club, has a daily news program. Search for them on YouTube using this format and the current date: The 700 Club – March 22, 2018.

JEB CORLISS. May your life have the adventure of Jeb Corliss.

CONVENTION of STATES. I consider the COS to be the most important and most positive political event of our time. Please sign the petition and volunteer.

CONVENTION OF STATES supporters include Governor Greg Abbott, Historian David Barton, The Honorable Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, Dr. Tom Coburn, Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli, Former Senator Jim DeMint, Dr. James Dobson, Representative Jeff Duncan, Attorney Michael Farris, talk show host Sean Hannity, The Honorable Mike Huckabee, Senator Ron Johnson, talk show host Mark Levin, Attorney Andrew McCarthy, Former Governor Sarah Palin, Senator Mark Rubio, radio show host Ben Shapiro, Economist Thomas Sowell, Attorney Mat Staver, and Lt. Col Allen West.

CONVENTION OF STATES opponents are heavily funded by George Soros, who recently put aside another $18 billion dollars to fund up to 230 groups who oppose the COS. Opponents include AFL-CIO, Center for American Progress, Common Cause, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Daily Kos, Democracy 21, Emily’s List, Greenpeace USA, Mi Familia Vota, MoveOn.Org, NAACP, National Council of La Raza Action Fund, Barak Obama, People for the American Way, Planned Parenhood, Sierra club, SEIU (Service Employees International Union). The full list of opponents is available here.

BOB CORNUKE believes that the Jewish Temple was NOT located in the area that is now the Muslim Dome of the Rock. If he is right, it is prophetically significant, and the Jewish Temple could be rebuilt RIGHT NOW.

DAILY WIRE with Ben Shapiro is a good news source.

DILBERT comic strip. Dilbert shows us life is hard for socially awkward geniuses.

E-SWORD is my favorite free Bible study software.

EDUCATION ONLINE. These online education sources are often inexpensive or even free. Take a look at Academy Earth, Alison, AllRecipes, Babbel, Big Think, Brain Pump, Busuu, Character First Education, ChefSteps, ChessAcademy,, CodeAcademy, CodeCombat, CoffeeStrap, CourseBuffet, Coursera, DataCamp, Degreed, Drops, DuoLingo, Fitocracy, FlowKey, Free Code Camp, Greatist, Hello Healthy, Highbrow, Improve Your Social Skills, IMSLP, InstaNerd, Instructables,, Khan Academy, Learnist, Lingvist, Makezine, Memrise, Mind Tools, MIT Open Courseware, Now I Know, Parkour & Freerunning World, Pianu, Succeed Socially, SnapGuide, SurfEdukators, Ted-Ed, Udemy, Yousician, Zidbits.

ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP) is a military attack where a nuclear bomb is exploded high in the atmosphere, frying all small electronics. We would lose electric power for months at a time. Almost all vehicles would not work. Our electronic money would not be available. There would be no communication system. Factories and stores would close. Our emergency and health systems would collapse. There would be great social disorder. I have done a small amount of work on this subject, but am prevented from doing more because of my health and a lack of money. I thought, and still think, that if we prepare for an EMP, we would be ready for just about any man-made or natural disaster. In fact, what I wish we had was an equivalent of Boy or Girl Scouts exploring just this subject. My poor health, and lack of money prevents me from pursuing this subject. An added fear of mine is that the more publicly we address this subject, the more likely an enemy will attack us in this way. See my notes on BIG BERKEY WATER FILTERS, GLOBAL VILLAGE CONSTRUCTION SET, and HYDROPONICS.

ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world.

FOR THE LOVE OF FREEDOM. Kevin Shipp is a patriot who is exposing the corruption of The Clinton Foundation.

FLAT EARTH. Yes, there are real conspiracies. But no, the Bible does not teach the earth is shaped like a disk. See here and here. We Christians need to strongly reject this belief.

GLOBAL VILLAGE CONSTRUCTION SET. There was a time period when I studied how America could survive and recover if we were hit by an EMP attack. One of the survival techniques I came across was this “construction set.” Genius.

GNU OPERATING SYSTEM. In 1983, Richard Stallman at MIT created a computer operating system that is free to run, to share, to study, and to modify.

G. EDWARD GRIFFITH is founder of the Freedom Force International. He wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island, exposing the Federal Reserve. Griffith’s documentary The Capitalist Conspiracy is worth a listen. I believe in free enterprise, but we haven’t had free enterprise in our country for over 100 years.

FEDERALIST SOCIETY. I am new to The Federalist Society, so I can’t say much about them. But when Jeff Sessions spoke to them 28 October 2018, they clapped at all the right times to the speech. I think I just found a new friend.

SEAN HANNITY is a talk show host who is a supporter of the Article V Convention of States

HEALTH RANGER NEWS is an amazing source for health related news. This is important to me because the federal government has a confused, skewed approach to health care. Also, Jesus mentioned three things that are evil- stealing, killing, and destroying (John 10:10). So health, as the opposite of killing, is a big issue.

HERITAGE FOUNDATION. A research and educational institution whose mission is to build and promote conservative public policies, based in Washington, D.C.

HERMENEUTICS is the study of how to interpret Scripture. Here is a short summary of important points on that.

HILLSDALE COLLEGE. This college is known for not receiving any public money. They want to be ideologically free to study society without government interference. Check out their publication Imprimis.

HISTORIANS NEEDED. In the Bible, we see that Egypt took a wrong turn when they forgot Joseph (Exodus 1:8). I am calling on people to once again know their American history – the good parts as well as the bad parts of it. I call upon people, especially homeschoolers, to become experts in our early documents. Many of these documents are nearly free as e-books. We can start with these: The Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith, The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, Commentaries on the Laws of England: Book I: Of the Rights of Persons (or anything by Sir William Blackstone), John Locke: 7 Works, History Central has some original source documents, The Bastiat Collection, Bartleby has American Historical Documents, see The Online Library of Liberty, here is a page you could start with in the Library of Congress, Land of the Brave has some primary source documents. As people learn our original history and how we veered from that course, our amateur or professional historians will make excellent politicians, or be able to assist politicians.

HOMESCHOOLING MAGAZINES. Check these out- Home School Enrichment, Home Schooling Digest, Home Schooling Parent, Homeschooling Today, The Link, The Old Schoolhouse, The Teaching Home

HSLDA. Home School Legal Defense Association is an organization founded by Michael Farris to defend homeschoolers.

HYDROPONICS is the growing of plants using a full watery eco-system of plants, water, fish, and sometimes worms inside a greenhouse. I envisioned this as one of the survival techniques that might work if there were ever an EMP attack. I couldn’t find a way to perfect it in a society where there was no longer electricity.

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE. Rob Natelson is a constitutional expert who is supportive of the Convention of States and heads up this Institute. Dr. Natelson debunks those who say that the 1787 Convention of States was a “runaway convention.”

INFOWAR. The very excitable Alex Jones is not really my taste, but I add him to my list because 1) He’s right too often. 2) I think there is some merit to the idea that the enemy of my enemy may be my friend. Liberals Facebook, Twitter, and Google, who are at war with conservatives, Christians, and privacy lovers, have waged war against Jones. I think Jones is right often enough to be really interesting. Yep, he goes on my list.

INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH is a Christian creationist’s ministry that I respect.

INTUIT MINT gives free online software for budgeting.

JEWISH NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS. This list rebukes me as a Christian because I wonder why Jews are just so darn smart. Let’s ask ourselves why Christians are not known for their scientific achievements, and then improve.

JOSH MCDOWELL MINISTRIES. Josh is mostly known as an apologist for the Christian faith. He wrote Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

JUDICIAL WATCH fights for accountability and integrity in law, politics and government.

KEVIN SHIPP is a man to watch. He has information on the corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

KOINONIA HOUSE is a Biblical organization founded by Chuck Missler. Right now I especially like their video series called The Bible in 24 Hours and The Forge.

MARK LEVIN is a conservative talk show host, I respect him especially because he is a supporter of the Article V Convention of States.

MICHIGAN FOR VACCINE CHOICE. I am concerned that vaccines are doing more harm than good.

LIVING WATERS. The ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. They put out materials about evangelism. They have made several excellent short movies. These include 180 Movie (about abortion), Audacity (about homosexuality), The Atheist Delusion, Evolution vs. God, Exit: The Appeal of Suicide, Genius Movie (The life and death of John Lennon), Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Noah Movie, and True and False Conversion.

LOGIC. There are rules to logic. Here is a short checklist of logical fallacies. Also, check out your biases.

NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE. I am pro-life. You should be, too.

NEWSARMOR. The press was given special consideration in the US Constitution. They were to be watchers of our society. But who watches the watchers. NewsArmor does.

OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE is software that can be legally modified and shared.

PORTAL. Coming soon.

PRAGERU. Short videos, most of them about five minutes. Big ideas.

PREY PROJECT is a free way to track your phone, laptop, or tablet in case they’re stolen.

PROJECT GUTENBERG offers over 56,000 free e-books.

PROTONMAIL is an extremely secure email service invented by the scientists at CERN. It uses end-to-end encryption.

DAVE RAMSEY has the right approach to finances, I think. We should carefully control our finances and we should be completely out of debt – our families, our churches, and our nation. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:7 that the borrower is the slave of the lender.

JOEL RICHARDSON speaks on evangelizing Muslims.

RESURRECTION. The Bible declares this concerning the resurrection: …if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:14. See here for a discussion as to whether the resurrection is a historical fact.

THE SOLARI REPORT is an important financial report.

STUMBLEUPON. Is it a great idea or a colossal waste of time? I’m still trying to decide. But StumbleUpon is a site where you log in your interests, press the SU button, and it brings out an internet site that you will probably like. I find it much more interesting than trying to Google something or look for an interesting site on YouTube.

IT’S SUPERNATURAL. Sid Roth, a Messianic Jew, shows that the supernatural is still a part of the Christian experience.

SYMBALOO is a free online service where you can create buttons for your most used internet sites. You can produce pages for others to find these same contacts.

MARK TAYLOR, called the fireman prophet, gave a prophecy that Donald Trump would be President before Trump even announced his candidacy. I believe Mark Taylor is an example of a Biblical concept found in Amos 3:7- “For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”

THE THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT is a group of scientists who believe that we overemphasize gravity in explaining the universe and do not yet recognize the electrical influence of plasma which makes up 99% of the universe.

TURNING POINTS USA is a conservative web site.

USA WATCHDOG. Greg Hunter hosts this good news site.

THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS was started by Richard Wurmbrand, who wrote Tortured for Christ. There is a new movie of the same name displaying Wurmbrandt’s life.

WALL BUILDERS. The work of David and Tim Barton, they document the Christian influence of the founding of our country.

WHITE HOUSE BRIEFS are one of the good guys in American journalism.

WORLD NET DAILY. A good news source.

YNET NEWS. News from the Middle East.