The Creator’s Template

This e-book describes THE CREATOR’S TEMPLATE. Click to order.

We can build our lives and manage our projects using the same method that God used when he was creating the universe. The outline I call The Creator’s Template shows us how. To more fully understand this outline, order the e-book, How to Build a Universe in Six Days.

I’m giving the outline away as a free download in two different formats:

TCT Outline – PDF Document

TCT Outline – Word Document

Forming and Filling Days

Forming and Filling Days

God created the universe using three Forming Days followed by three linked Filling Days.

Genesis 1-3 introduces God as Creator, Law-giver, Judge, and Savior. This book dwells on God the Creator, or another way to say it is God as the ultimate Project Manager. Because God is creator, and because we’re made in his image, we can learn creativity from his example.

This book, along with the outline, can be used as a devotional. Start at the beginning day of the month. Days 1-4 study the four stages. Days 5-28, study the 24 “building blocks” by using the building block number minus four. For example, on the fifth of the month do Building Block 01 Times. On the sixth, do Building Block 02 Persons, etc. As you go through the book, ask God for an application for that day’s concept. There are four stages and 24 building blocks, making a 28 day month as a devotional.

I challenge you to take your most difficult problem or project and submit it to this template everyday for three months. Ask God for personal applications each of those days. Dwell on, and apply the godly concepts in this book. After doing that, your life, and the lives of those around you, will be transformed! You will become much more inventive and creative.